"When I start a kit I want to learn a new technique or stitch. I want the design to be innovative and surprising"

What's your favorite part of knitting?

I love to learn new techniques. I get really excited when I start knitting a new stitch and see my project grow... which is why I love top-down patterns so much!

What kits have you worked on?

Impossible question, I've bene a customer since 2016 and I buy at least 2-3 kits from every new collection. We would have to do some math... I think it's easier to ask which kits I haven't worked on.

What's your favorite WAK kit? Which is the kit you have enjoyed the most?

My favorite kit is still the Martina Cardigan (the first I've knit twice). It has the perfect shape, matches with everything and is elegant. It's one of WAK's must-have's. The one I've enjoyed the most difficulty-wise was the Coleen Sweater, the cable stiches looked great as I progressed (and I love baloon sleeves). My favorite summer collection piece is the Bossa Nova Sweater, the pattern is magical.

Are your projects mainly for your personal use or gifts?

I am a very selfish weaver (lol). Almost everything I knit is for me and I rarely knit the same garment multiple times. The few people who have received things knitted are those very close to me.

How easy/hard was it?

I haven't had much difficulties when I started knitting... Nowadays there are many tutorials and accesible videos everywhere. Maybe if I would have started in a knitting group I would have avoided some beginner's mistakes but learning on my own allowed me to be a visual learner. I can recognize stitches easily and can easier understand a pattern with photos rather than written instructions. This is why I enjoy WAK's close-up photos on each product page. When I'm struggling with a pattern, I quickly look for the close-up photo.

Favorite moment of the day to knit?

When I get home from work... It's become a part of my routine. I take and hour to wind-down, stop thinking about work and start focusing on something that gives me joy.

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